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To see reality just open your eyes

Give you an opportunity to see the TRUTH

Secret Poems Book English/Spanish (Bilingual Edition)


"Open your soul to see your feelings." (J. Becedas)
Learn, be critic, feed your mind, change your life ...

Secret Poems aims to improve your perception of life, awaken your courage to change and pursue your dreams, feed your mind to be critical, inspire you to get what you want, make you feel your feelings and emotions, awaken your creativity, and improve your way of life through visual and auditory exposition of original poems. Secret Poems creates and interprets the texts, edits the videos and the music they contain to provide an energetic and motivating experience, full of sensitivity and care. The content is carefully generated to provide you original information. The texts and poems that you will find in Secret Poems are and will be 100% original work by Secret Poems. Dare yourself!

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