I will continue dreaming

I will continue dreaming

by Jonathan Becedas

I'm tired.
The moon wakes me up every day,
between a beep that crushes my dreams,
as with a hammer,
while my heart bursts.

The stars accompany me
on the way out and on the way back,
and the day squeezes my body
to leave me with nothing.

Meanwhile, communists buy mansions,
capitalists fill their car trunks,
kings hunt elephants,
and banks take everything from us.

I'm tired,
but I won't give up.
I come back home every night
to fulfill my dreams,
to continue dreaming,
to fill me up with love
and hope.

And I will continue dreaming,
although the leeches drain me,
the ticks get fat at my expense,
and the lice make me scratch.
I will continue dreaming until the time of the hammer.
I will continue dreaming until my heart bursts.
I will continue dreaming while the others sleep.