Who am I?

Who am I?

by Jonathan Becedas

Who am I?
I'm a bit of everything there was
before me;
I am a bit of everything
around me.
Also a bit of everything there will be
after me.

But who really am I?
I'm not sure.
Even though I'm sure
I’m the one
who knows me best.

Who am I?
Am I the set of cells that constitute me?
May be.
But I could also be in another body,
maybe soon…
in a machine.
No, I'm more things
than a piece of meat
with things above.

Who am I?
I'm maybe a dream.
When I dream, that’s not me.
The one in the dream is just an idiot
who commits stupid things,
who is not able to run
when danger appears,
who cannot find the shoes,
who wakes up before
reaching the orgasm …
No. That’s not me.
That one is just a stupid reflection of me:
a puppet with the thought off
and with the brain lethargic:
a doll that doesn’t think,
that only half feels
and that keeps me alive
for when I‘m awake.

Who am I?
Am I who you think I am?
That is what I am for you.
Maybe also for others.
But for me, I'm not that.
For me, I am much more.
I am everything I think.
and everything I feel
and everything I know,
also what I do not know.
I am everything I am,
and everything I want to be
and everything I will be,
also everything I have been.
But I can change it all,
if I want,
because I am an entire universe inside me.
And I am its owner.