Your life begins today

Your life begins today

by Jonathan Becedas

It's never too late, 
but they make you believe that it is:
you are too old,
you cannot anymore
the opportunity was gone…

It seems that time has passed
to do what you want to do:
you had to be younger,
you had to be …

If that time had passed away …
if it was too late …
you wouldn’t be here
regretting you.

Every moment
is a new opportunity.
Take your prejudices
and throw them out the window
so they can die.
They were instilled
to have advantage
over you.

You are also too young
to vanish
in the fog of oblivion.
If it's not for you,
it will never be the right time.
So do it.
Do it!

Every day dawns for you.
Whoever you are,
it is time to do
whatever you want to do
because your life begins