Letter to the President

Letter to the President

by Jonathan Becedas

Mr President of anywhere:

You are killing us!

And I tell you this because I have no appreciation for you.
If I had it,
I would do like the people around you,
I would contribute to clean up
your honorable innkeepers,
and to tell you, you’re doing great,
being a lie.
But no.
You cannot be a leader
by measuring our lives in coins,
nor on ballots.

It's not really you fault,
but of your intellect:
they didn't teach you how to use it properly
in your studies of criminal falsehood,
where they worship the outstanding students
in hypocrisy:
they graduate with honours.
But there is no teaching on how to be a leader,
nor is it taught to take care of others,
nor to wash the feet.
And from what I see, neither mathematics.
There they teach how to squeeze the heart
and to step deep, at all costs,
in order to feed your ego.
But this one, as much as it gets fat,
it is never satiated.
The temptation is so strong … right?
I understand,
it has to be very good
to have a shiny butt at all times,
having the control of our lives
in the palm of your hand, or in your fist,
putting your name in prehistory books
and your jokes on Twitter.

Why don't you look out the window?
Why don't you realize what's going on?
Do they also charge you coffee for thirty cents?
Can't you see that you educated us like sheep
and that now we behave like lambs?
You will leave us without memory.
We are going to be annihilated just to clean your statistics.
You will destroy us because of your incompetence.
Forget everyone around you.
Cut the threads that hold you.
And for once in your live
think with your head.