21 mayo, 2020


Bilingual English/Spanish edition

Open your eyes is an exciting book that will motivate you. It is uncensored, full of revealed secrets and written with a delicate language, but with the beating of the word that tells the truth. It is written with verses full of freedom; nudes verses composed with care to make those who read them become powerful while feeling their heartbeat and their blood running through their veins. They are verses that are full of motivation, inspiration and reality. They are a journey through life; that life that sometimes imprisons us, and that makes us turn in the inexorable wheel of empty minutes without flavour. These verses denounce the oppression of a society that prepares us to be the fuel for a machine which is controlled by others.

These verses will bite your skin, and will make you tremble and will open your eyes to see life without fear. These stunning verses will offer you a new way to change your story.